2 Chainz in Vintage Frames Company Vintage Jewelry in "TADOW" Music Video

Our friend 2 Chainz is the king of the Vintage Chain game. From the toes up this man is dripping in gold, and we are proud to say that we had a major part to play. 2 Chainz was recently featured on P.A.P.I.'s new track "TADOW" featuring Vintage Frames regulars French Montana and Pusha T, wearing classic jewelry. Around his neck he has a Chanel Chain along with the infamous Gold Chanel Whistle Chain. Around his wrists he is wearing a Versace Bracelet, custom made to order from the Vintage Frames Company. All of our jewelry is Vintage stock which we have scoured to earth to collect. All jewelry is gold plated to ensure the highest quality and a long last luster. You can visit the Vintage Chains Shop right now to find that perfect piece of jewelry to add to your collection.

Vintage Chanel Chain

Vintage Versace Bracelet

Check out P.A.P.I.'s Music Video featuring Vintage Frames comrades 2 Chains, French Montana and Pusha T