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From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "WORK"

I have a friend who probably hasn't left his sofa other then to take a piss for 2 years. Every time we get together we have the same conversation. His questions always lead to the same basic shit... HOW do I become successful? Well for starters, WORK! Success starts and ends with one common denominator, WORK. Man hours, blood, sweat, trial and error. NOTHING that is worthy will be handed to you. A buddy of mine from a rather beast of an internet company said something very interesting too me yesterday. He said: "Just because someone is standing on third base, doesn't mean they hit a triple". People need to realize that success is work, drive, and agility. There is nothing successful about being handed anything. There is no success in getting something unless you earned it. I have a checklist as a joke on my desk. It is my "TO DO" list. It is very simple. 1. Work, 2. WORK, 3. FUCKING WORK. It's #monday and if you get a call from your lazy friend on the sofa today asking about key to success reverse the situation and ask him how YOU can be fucking lazy like him! Sometimes in life people are waiting for some complex response when the answer is obvious and very often over looked. Success is not a handbook, it is a result. Everyone needs different elements to achieve. Instead of waiting for guidance get outside and get your hands dirty. If you are still that person who needs that "manual" for success refer to my picture. Use step 1-3, and then repeat. TRUST ME, it "works".#morninginspiration #vintageframes


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