The Hux Hour: Alpina M1


The Alpina M1 is my all time favorite frame. It's the one of the few frames that I try to collect in every color. In my opinion it's perfect in every way. The frame is a colossal, attention grabbing,  and comes in some of the sickest colors.



(Olive Green/Gold)

The M1 was a massive hit when it was first introduced in the 1980s and with good reason. It comes in two different sizes small 60/12 & large 64/14.  The M1 was hand made by one of West Germany's finest manufactures using the best materials available.  The frame is made of a thick Aluminium and on pairs with a golden front piece it's made of 24kt gold plated over metal. It's hard to put in words how amazing the gold front piece is in person.



I've been wearing the M1 for a few years now and I can't get enough of them.You could say it's my signature frame. It's fit is perfect and all the color combinations are insane (it's like an infinite amount of crazy). I've owned about 12 pairs and I still haven't gotten tired of them. These are the frames you wear when you want to make a statement. They're just so bold and it's nothing else like them. Many companies have tried copy the M1 style but nothing can compare to the original. Even almost 30 years after they were first introduced the M1 is still the top dog in the frame world!