The Hux Hour: Cazal 952


The Cazal 952 is probably one of Cazal's rarest & best kept secrets. It's never received the recognition of the legendary 607, 616, 858s, etc.. Most collectors have never even heard of the frame let alone seen it. I actually got lucky finding my gold pair deadstock for an unreal price by chance alone. It's a one of Cazal's more conventional frames but it's still a stand out from the 900 series. The 952 is a massive aviator at heart but with a unique double bridge and staggered temples. It comes in three colors. A stunning gold (pictures above), red & black, as well as white & black


These are one of my favorite frames from my personal collection. It's amazing how most people have ignored this frame up until recently. They're so jiggy and versatile. You can literally wear them with anything from a tee shirt and jeans to Business suit. They just compliment every style. The frame is just amazing all around. Even celebrities are starting to wear them now.

Pretty soon these will truly be impossible to find. Keep an eye out for them soon on a few more of your favorite star faces.