From The Desk Of Dr.Shapiro: "Define Your Goals"

In life it is important that you define your goals. Some of us came from rich backgrounds, and some from poor. Regardless the one thing we have in common is we all have goals. I decided a long time ago how I wanted to live my life. I personally never want to take of my hat. As silly as that may seem for some, I have vowed that I would never put myself in a place where I had to remove my hat. I strived to put myself into a position of stature that no matter what environment I was in I could always be me. The real me. I also want only the best. The best for my family, the best for my friends, and the best for myself. I learned early on that it was no fun to succeed without your friends and family being able to enjoy it as well. My goals have not been met until everyone sitting at my dinner table is healthy and equal. These are the things I have defined for my life. Doesn't mean yours have to be the same, however success is much closer when you understand what your milestones or goals may be. It's #sunday and I have decide to take the fucking day to enjoy what I have created and drink this stupidly overpriced Cognac in an environment where people are looking at me like in crazy! Well fuck them, I'm in this Yankees fitted and popping bottles they only thought were for display. This is your time. This is your life. Nobody can tell you what will make you happy except yourself. Don't accept mediocrity. We get one chance at this life. Who the fuck wants to leave this planet without accomplishing their goals and saying they had the best damn time they could have.#morninginspiration #vintageframes