From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro : "Rock Out The Way You Want To"

As I'm eating breakfast with my family my son decided that he was going to eat his dry cereal from a bag with a spoon. The waitress who was serving us decided to point out to him that it wasn't "the way" it was supposed to be done. This immediately made me think: A. Who the fuck is you! B. what exactly is "the right way" to do something? Some people think I'm the most backwards ass dude on the planet. My question is who told them they are a forwards person? The beauty of individuality is the absolute freedom to do what make YOU happy. Different cultures may have different traditions, and more people might do something one way, but that doesn't mean you have to. I sure as fuck am not one to follow the masses. I am however one to decide how I want something to be done and to cary it forward that way. Never will I on force my opinion on someone else. Never will I let an opinion be forced on me. It's #monday and if you want to wear your shoes on the wrong feet and your underwear over your pants, your a fucking freak, but I love you anyways! It's your week, it's your time, it's your life. Get it how the fuck you want to. If people don't understand, don't ask them! The only time an opinion from an outsider matters is when you are asking for it. Rock out the way you want to even if it meansyou want to eat cereal from a bag with a fucking spoon. #morninginspiration #vintageframes