From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: The Pyramid

The VFC logo has two very different meanings. The obvious being the optical reference. The other being the pyramid structure. The formation of the logo came from the business structure we built. In the beginning stages nobody wanted to listen because we didn't have any "optical" background. The giant "V" at the top of the logo symbolized starting at the top and working down. This very backwards mentality on building a pyramid is what lead to our success. We would start at the top and work our way down never forgetting where we came from. To read our logo you couldn't forget any part of the pyramid. We had accomplished what nobody wanted to listen about being possible, we created an optical company with NO optical background. The 1st optical trade show we attended was years later. This room of "professionals" was so stale. They looked petrified when we walked the floor almost like they wanted to throw their wallets at us and run. The most interesting part was that these "optical professionals" would reveal their trade secrets to us thinking that we wouldnt comprehend. To their misery and surprise, we listened and we understood. The key to success is listening. Even writing something down, or hearing it said can help solve most personal debates. It's #tuesday and if you have succeeded but forget where you came from, my dude, you really haven't fucking succeeded at all! If you have ever felt that nobody was here to listen, it's time to change that. I personally read every comment and would love to hear what is going on with your struggles or accomplishments. I only wish someone would have given me that chance. No matter what stage of our pyramid we are at we are never to high to listen. Open your eyes and ears, there is a whole world out there. Never be to pretentious to listen. You wouldn't want to end up being a "stale" optical professional. #morninginspiration #vintageframes