Mike Daniels: "The Last Kings Goliath" X Ultra Goliath Sunglasses from the Vintage Frames Company

We at the Vintage Frames Company love making new friends, so when Tyga and Last Kings rolled thru Montreal, we welcomed them to our city with open arms. The whole crew was dope and everything went real well. One of the dudes who we met was Mike Daniels, the muscle of the group. I personally saw him handle business in a professional yet convincingly intimidating manner, you do not wanna fuck with this guy. Tyga is a lucky ass dude to have this guy watching his back. You can call him security, a bodyguard or whatever, we call him one of the realest mafuggas we ever met.

Mike took an instant liking to the ultra Goliath frame, our signature piece, so naturally we hooked him up with something real nice. Matte Black Goliath X Rose gradient lenses, one of the finer pieces we carry. In this life its all about the connections you make and the people you meet, do onto others, real recognize real, however you wanna put it. It was an absolute pleasure kickin' it with these guys, and if they left Montreal with a good vibe then we did our job well.

Mike stands alone as The Last King Goliath.