Vintage Frame Company: The cure to red-eyes

Whats up fam, today I wanted to take a little time to really express how fuckin much I love rose coloured gradient lenses.  I mean I fuckin love them.  Ya people say rose is a feminine colour and that mixed with certain frames they can come off as exuberant.  I disa-fuckin-gree, rose is the perfect colour, not too shaded, not too clear it’s the perfect tint to fly below to radar.  Rose coloured gradient lenses also match the colour of bloodshot eyes for those enthusiasts of herb who want to go unnoticed.  You can walk in to anywhere blazed as fuck but if you got rose lenses on nobody will know the difference, AND you don’t have to take the frames off due to the ideal tinting.  Basically, we here at the VFC, have the cure for red-eyes.

I rock rose coloured lenses on all my frames, how could I not they’re too sexy.  Any Frames you order can be customized for a price think of rose lenses as an investment, you are paying now for top-a-top freshness in the future.

One love,

Joe Cuervo

The Vintage Frames Company