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From The Desk Of Dr. Shapiro: A T-Shirt A Day Keeps The Dr. Away!

Everyone on this planet is eccentric in some ways. Myself, maybe a couple of more ways then others. A dumb fun fact about myself is that i wear my t-shirts only once! Yes, you may think it's the dumbest shit ever, but hey, it's my dumb shit! Every morning, and sometimes in the evening i pride myself on being able to open up a new fresh t-shirt straight from the packet. My demands are simply. Either a white or black large Uniqlo v-neck t-shirt!  For me, along with a morning shower, it is the only way to start my day. Michael Jordan only wore shoes once, unfortunately we are not in the same income bracket! I only wear a t-shirt once! Every week i take a trip to the local shelter and donate the t-shirts to a children's charity! It's just the way we do things around here!
Hold it the fuck down,
Dr. Shapiro
The Vintage Frames Company


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