Lady Gaga In Vintage Frames Company's Emmanuelle Khanh GP 1000 Sunglasses

Lady Gaga is a huge fan of The Vintage Frames Company. We have had the pleasure of doing lots of work with Gaga and her sunglasses. This post is special to me as not only is Lady Gaga wearing Vintage Frames Company sunglasses, she is wearing my favorite pair. The Emmanuelle Khanh Gp 1000 Sunglasses are hands down my favorite pair of Vintage Frames. Don't be fooled, some of you may have seen the retro version of the Gp 1000, and they just fucking suck. They have been made pretty pour just like all the new Ek products. The Vintage Emmanuelle Khanh GP 100 Sunglasses are beyond rare to find. We keep a couple of pairs in the Vintage Frames Company Vault! Glad to see Gaga rocking them tight! more pics of Lady Gaga and the Vintage Ek Gp 1000 Sunglasses after the jump. To see the most complete Emmanulle Khanh Sunglasses collection in the world go to The Vintage Frames Shop


Lady Gaga Rocking Vintage Ek GP1000 Sunglasses