Vintage Frames Company x Revive Michigan: Ultra Goliath 2 Shelley Berman Edition Sunglasses

Finally, it's here! The Vintage Frames Company & Revive in Michigan are very proud to present our exclusive Ultra Goliath 2 Shelly Berman Edition Sunglasses. Shelley Berman was the guy behind the guy, who hired the guy, which was the guy that put that dude on, and that guy did the thing! Shelley Berman was a pretty, pretty, cool guy! With another exclusive blessing from Ultra Eyewear, we have exclusively launched a new part of Goliath history. The Revive & Vintage Frames team have been working round the clock to bring you the first of many collaborations! Head on over to The Vintage Frames Shop to purchase one of the limited edition Ultra Goliath 2 Shelly Berman Sunglasses.

[video: 600x400]