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Cee Lo Green x The Vintage Frames Company: Vintage Sunglasses Appointment

Cee Lo Green came through Montreal this past weekend. Besides being on The Voice, and one of the most respected artists around, Cee Lo Green is a Vintage Sunglasses maniac! I have worked with Cee Lo before on a couple of frames, but we had yet to meet in person. We packaged a selection of some of the illest Vintage Frames that we had and went to meet him at the hotel room. I must stop and say that i was beyond impressed with Cee Lo's knowledge of Vintage Sunglasses in general. Not only did he know the styles, but he was pretty dead on with the model numbers and eras! The selection of Vintage Frames was very interesting. I was impressed with the final Vintage Sunglasses selection! As a surprise, seeing as Cee Lo is a HUGE Ultra Goliath Fan, i took a couple of weeks and customized a very special pair of Ultra Goliath 2 Dr. Shapiro Collection Sunglasses in a crystal blue colorway, with mirrored lenses. Cee was thrilled! The frames turned out super dope! This week Cee Lo wore his custom Vintage Ultra Goliath 2 Sunglasses on The Voice, and the sunglasses world went mental! This is just the first of many projects with Cee Lo Green and his sunglasses! Check the below video for some behind the scenes pictures of the Private Vintage Sunglasses Appointment!

[video: 600x400]


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