The Vintage Frames Shop Presents: Vintage Emmanuelle Khanh Sunglasses

Emmanuelle Khanh, or The French Mary Quant, started out as a model and stylist before getting into the design game. Wich is quite common today, but was special and unique in the 1960s. She modeled for Givenchy and Balenciaga, amongst others.
She joined forces with friend and fellow model Christiane Baily to form the Emma Christie label in 1962. Their youthful designs and modern take on color got them their reputations as the french Mary Quants.
Khanh went on to design, collaborate and consult succesfully with, Youthquake, Carlette, Cachanel, Missoni & Krizia, before launching her own label in 1971. Emmanuelle was always known for wearing large rimmed glasses, so it made sense to go into the sunglasses and frames business. The 1970s were a very successful time in Emmanuelle Khanh's life and career. For the most complete selection of Vintage Emmanuelle Khanh Sunglasses head over to The Vintage Frames Shop