Dl Jones X Montreal State Of Mind

Dl Jones X Montreal State Of Mind

Dl Jones, a long time friend of mine was interviewed by Montreal State Of Mind this past week! When he's not copying my leather members, he is nice enough to spread the word about the heavyweight Vintage Frames Company! Real cool interview with DL JONES after the jump...

DL Jones: Montrealer

DL Jones: Hi! I’m DL Jones. Promoter, host, and event organizer.

MSOM: What do you do during the day?DL Jones: I’m usually at the Speakeasy offices working on events or doing the same from home if I’m too hungover.

MSOM: What about at night?
DL Jones: Usually at an event I’m involved in. Don’t usually get out too much when I’m not working. But sometimes I’ll get out and support friends who have something going on.

MSOM: A solid Montreal blog?
DL Jones: No bias but I’d have to say Montreal State Of Mind. I enjoy the concept of a blog that’s fully dedicated to showing the different faces of this city.

MSOM: An Artist that you admire?
DL Jones: I think Zilon has an awesome thing going on. I’ve been seeing his art around since I was way younger and love that he’s still out there putting his touch on the city.

MSOM: What’s the future of your profession?
DL Jones: It’s tricky to say. All I know is that my profession is to show people a good time through fun events so it’s kind of open-ended. However, the key element of that being knowing what people want and when they want it, I’d have to say I could maybe see myself in marketing eventually.

MSOM: A trend you aren’t liking in your profession?
DL Jones: A trend I don’t like is seeing people spending too much time worrying about what others are doing. I’d like to see more people either work together or go about their business. Wanting to see people do well will always be better for your career than wanting them to fail. Fact: negative energy is draining.

MSOM: What’s your style?
DL Jones: Depends on where I’m at. WESC is always a good call. Basically anything you can find at Three Monkeys, Off The Hook, or Old Gold.

MSOM: Indispensable objects?
DL Jones: My Ipod touch because I don’t suggest always carrying your laptop around and I’ve yet to understand what’s so awesome about an Ipad.

MSOM: Sunglasses?
DL Jones: My boy Corey over at Vintage Frames Company has the best selection I know of. Although I always enjoy a classic pair of Ray-Bans, it’s nice to switch it up every now and then.

MSOM: Favourite drink?
DL Jones: Any good whiskey on ice. Probably Jameson.

MSOM: What did you dream of becoming when you’d grow up?
DL Jones: To be honest, I never really knew. I thought of becoming a psychologist in high school and studied that at dawson. However, I started flyering for Aria Afterhours in 2003 and that started going well. My way up the promo world ladder happened pretty naturally and eventually I decided I was really gonna give this a shot.

MSOM: Your favourite toy?
DL Jones: Probably my Sega Genesis when I was a kid. Now it’s my Xbox 360.

MSOM: A project you’d like to tell us about?
DL Jones: I’d rather show you than tell you

MSOM: You’d recommend?
DL Jones:

Music: The internets
Books: I usually go to Indigo on St-Catherine.
Shopping: Three Monkeys, Old Gold, or Off The Hook. They all have a great variety of styles.
Restaurants: Voro at 275 Fairmount or Philemon at 111 St-Jacques. Philemon isn’t quite a restaurant but it has the best bar food and ambiance.
Hotels: I’d say the W hotel on Mcgill or Hotel Place D’armes.
Bars: Velvet, Philemon, Tokyo on a Wednesday.
Cafés: Café Névé has great coffee, nice staff, and an all around nice feel to it.
Local artist: Chromeo
, Lunice, Ghislain Poirier.

MSOM: A montrealer to keep an eye on?
DL Jones: I’d say Lunice. He’s a humble dude with immense talent. I can tell that he loves the music more than any other aspect of the industry and that’s special. I love that he’s already started travelling the world too not only because he deserves it, but also because he’s a good representation of what Montreal is about.

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