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Real Talk: Jimmy Choo Sparks Vs. Vintage Cazal 856

Let's get real. Everyone copies Vintage Sunglasses. Some do it more subtle then others, Some do it in good taste, but some are just such wankers it makes me sick! Jimmy Choo really blew my mind with how stupid they think their customer is. For those of you who have yet to figure it out, the Jimmy Choo Sparks is a direct insulting copy of the Vintage Cazal 856 Sunglasses. Whenever i see people thinking they are hot stepping in their Spark frames, i have to laugh. There are even cats in Quebec selling them as the most exclusive shades they have. Well my dudes, here's a reality check, you obviously don't know the history of frames. Cazal's 856 model is one of the most iconic frames to ever be made. Cari over at Cazal really pushed the limits with that frame. So to all you out there, do your research and understand what you are wearing. Don't let some goofy ass salesman try to convince you that you are starting some trend when it has been done for the past 20 years!


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