Ricky Rozay x The Vintage Frames Company: I'm Not A Star Music Video

As many of you well know, when it comes to Rick Ross a.k.a Ricky Rozay's vintage sunglasses game, The Vintage Frames Company are the ones responsible. The new release music video directed by my little brother SpiffTV looks like a Vintage Frames Company advertisement! Beyond the rare and hard to find Vintage Boeing Carrera's Ricky Rozay is sporting, we got him into a SUPER RARE Vintage Julio Iglesias Frame. Julio Iglesias had a very limited brand of sunglasses in the 1970's, only a real collector like Rozay would know that. Peep more pics of the Vintage Frames Company frames in the Ricky Rozay video aster the jump!


Vintage Boeing Carrera 6706 Sunglasses