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Jay-Z: Busts His Favorite Vintage Derapage Sunglasses And We Come To The Rescue

When dealing with an elite crowd of clients, you also have to deal with an elite caliber of problems. As good as we are at digging and selling the vintage sunglasses, we have to offer a service equally as prestige for fixing them. Most of out clients have a rather hectic traveling schedule. Accidents happen when you travel, and sometime, to your vintage sunglasses. I received a call from Jay-Z's Roc Nation staff telling me that someone had broke Jay-Z's Vintage Derapage Sunglasses. Within minutes, the vintage sunglasses were in a package and on their way to The Vintage Frames Company for surgery. We received the vintage Derapage sunglasses and they were a mess! Broken arm, broken screws, busted lenses, and more! When fixing our vintage sunglasses we only deal with one man, the doctor himself, Alain Assedo! Alain has magic hands! Calling in all kinds of favors, Alain will have the shades back to us today. I have documented the process so that you can see our team in high gear! More pics after the jump...


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