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When one thinks of Alpina, one associates this brand with winter sports eyewear. In fact, when it comes to high performance winter sports goggles, Alpina knows exactly how to answer the demands of that specific industry. Through Alpina, German engineering offers winter sports enthusiasts the most attractive designs and innovation. But one cannot ignore the important positioning that Alpina has in the vintage eyewear market. Alpina's appealing designs are also a major argument when discussing Alpina's key attributes. It's definitely no coincidence that hip hop giants like Kanye West, Rick Ross, TI and Jay-Z have all been seen rocking vintage Alpina eyewear. Alpina's extravagantly attractive design makes these sunglasses "straight up" classics.


Beau Monde

When designers at Oliver Peoples wanted a new lease on their designer lives they created Beau Monde. A high end optical company combining Italian acetates and metals to produce some of the most timeless frames on the market. Vintage Beau Monde Sunglasses were known for the most classic style offerings assuring they never go out of style. Vintage Frames Company prides themselves on one of the most extensive Vintage Beau Monde Eyewear collections in the world. Shop Beau Monde by clicking on the link.

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Experimental acetate colours is what best describes Vintage Binocle Sunglasses. Bold yet classic shapes, hand manufacturer acetates are what you will find in our Vintage Binocle Eyewear section. Be sure to take a look at the Dr. Shapiro customized Binocle Sunglasses for a one of a kind Vintage Frames Company feel. Shop Vintage Binocle Sunglasses by clicking the link below.

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The sleek, sophisticated and classic eyewear line of the Hugo Boss German fashion and lifestyle house based in Metzingen was founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss in the small town south of Stuttgart. Despite its initial sinister production purpose, the company's philosophy has evolved significantly and thrived since his death in 1948.

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Carrera, Spanish for "racing", has always been considered a top contender for sportswear sunglasses. Whether it's canoeing, skiing or cycling, Carrera has always had a strong presence in the world of athleticism. Carrera began their tale in 1956 with an emphasis in sports accessories such as ski goggles and helmets. However, the Carrera vintage line seems to transcend the sports world and mesh perfectly with the needs of the fashion savvy. Whether it's iconic figures like Robert DeNiro or Sharon Stone, or even more mainstream figures like Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and Usher, vintage Carrera sunglasses always seem to have what it takes to take you to that next level.

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La Maison Cartier was founded in Paris in 1847. Internationally recognized for their meticulous detail and prestige, Cartier has one of the most historic eyewear lines ever created. VFC is proud to open our vault and present our personal Cartier archive.

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Vintage Caviar Sunglasses and Eyewear are some of the most iconic frames ever manufactured. Since 1994, Caviar has been producing overly lavish pairs of frames. With their sophisticated shapes, eye-catching details and glam ornamentation, Caviar is for the eyeglass wearer who never shies from a second glance. Vintage Caviar Sunglasses and Eyewear are crafted to the height of quality. All frames allow wearers to make powerful style statements while capturing the essence of elegance and taste. We have the largest collection of Vintage Caviar Sunglasses and Eyewear in the world.

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Vintage Frames Company is proud to offer you the most diverse Vintage Celine Sunglasses collection. Click the shop link below to browse the complete Vintage Celine Sunglasses collection. Founded in Paris 1945, Celine created the trend of refined minimalism. Celine established the brand as one of the first brands to be international by opening their doors of boutiques in forward thinking locations such as Hong Kong, Monte Carlo and Geneva.



Vintage Frames Company boasts a huge Vintage Chanel Sunglasses archive with a diverse Vintage Chanel Jewlery section to match! Click the shop link below to shop all of our Vintage Chanel products. The classic powerhouse from Paris. Chanel is iconic for their classic design made for the modern woman. The luxury is obvious in the details that define thebrand. From the days of classic Coco to the edgier influence of Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel offers something for every woman. As Coco once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”.

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Chloe's eyewear collection embodies the youthful and modern design aesthetic that has made the classic fashion house a European standard. Using modern materials in beautifully understated tones, the collection is feminine, sexy and unmistakably French.

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Christian Dior

Vintage Christian Dior eyewear, best known for their sleek frames, was first shown in the designer's Corolle collection in the late 1940s. It was said that this collection was dubbed the "New Look" of the era and helped reestablish Paris as the capital of the fashion world. Christian Dior frames made a huge statement at that time because of their new look. With the designer's niche for creating frames with various creative shapes, vintage Christian Dior eyewear became known for being unique from other designer eyewear at the time. Vintage Christian Dior sunglasses and frames are one of the most stylish and desirable glasses in the world today. Being one of the world's top fashion houses for decades, vintage Christian Dior eyewear was, and will always be classic statement pieces that will forever remain timeless.

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Christian Lacroix

Iconic Vintage Sunglasses with a timeless feel are hard to find, make Vintage Christian Lacroix Sunglasses your eye candy for years to come! Shop Vintage Christian Lacroix Sunglasses and Jewlery by clicking the link below. Christian Lacroix is one of the few designers who has always remained the creative director and designer for his own company. Breaking the mold of the unconventional of the times, Lacroix drew inspiration from different cultures around the globe.

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Christian Roth

Christian Roth - designed by the man himself, along with Eric Domege have been creating fashionable eyewear for over 25 years. Their luxury looks, colors and designs, were best known for setting new eyewear fashion trends. In 1984, with their founding of Optical Affairs and talented creations, the new designers were quickly respected in the fashion community with their distinct designs. The creation of vintage Christian Roth eyewear raised the bar for designer eyewear everywhere.

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Vintage Derapage eyewear was one of the top leaders in Italian sunglasses and frames. They were best known for being perfectly crafted with distinct details making each frame exclusive. Vintage Derapage is most well known for its mirrored aviators with interchangeable lenses. Each model of vintage Derapage eyewear is sophisticated and built with specific techniques making each frame unique to its kind.

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Donna Karen being one the contemporary female powerhouses recognized a gap in the market of classic meeting modern. Filling the gap, she introduced DKNY. Embodying New York cool, DKNY is the perfect simple yet powerful look.



Vintage Dunhill eyewear, best known for being made from valuable materials, is amongst the most popular men's eyewear designs of the 80s. Alfred Dunhill's eyewear creations are classic, making them great for everyday use. The British based designer's well-appointed attention to detail created elegant high-quality frames with clean-cut shapes. Vintage Dunhill eyewear is also known for their luxurious optical glasses available in various unique colors.

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Emilio Pucci

Vintage Pucci sunglasses were created for those who were born to stand out. Pucci designs are internationally recognized for the kaleidoscope of colours and geometric prints. Originally a political power, we see this influence in Emilio's bold designs. 

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Emmanuelle Khanh

It's safe to say Emmanuelle Khanh is a revolutionary icon in the haute couture world. Emmanuelle Khanh first started as a Mode for Balenciaga and Givenchy but later on understood that haute couture had the potential of attracting a greater portion of the masses. Therefore Emmanuelle Khanh launched her own line which mutinied against the haute couture's rules. Emmanuelle Khanh became a Vanguard for the French "ready to wear movement". Emmanuelle Khanh's ideal of creating clothes for the greater population quickly made her one of the most sought after designers, particularly for eyewear. Emmanuelle Khahn's utilization of snake, ostrich, shark skin, crocodile, authentic lizard and the iconic "EK" initialed signature on the side of the handmade frames are just some of the traits that made Emmanuelle Khanh a must-have with celebrities such as Stevie Wonder.

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Gianfranco Ferre

Gianfranco Ferré, also known as "the architect of fashion" believed in the classics, not the trends. Vintage Gianfranco Ferré Sunglasses & Eyewear stay true to that and includes some of the most sophisticated frames ever created. The styles and designs have that high-end flavor mixed with class and luxury. There is no doubt that Ferr̩ was a visionary and that his frames will last forever. Vintage Gianfranco Ferré Sunglasses & Eyewear have been worn by major superstars like Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton.

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Vintage Givenchy sunglasses are starring in music videos and loved by celebrities around the globe.  Givenchy has a heavy influence of the emergence of industrialism in the early 50's post-WWII. Audrey Hepburn was the long-time brand ambassador as Givenchy was her brand of choice. Enter more contemporary times of the 70's when Givenchy introduced more bold designs into their Altier. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown and Kate Moss have been spotted wearing Vintage Givenchy sunglasses.

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Vintage Gucci eyewear is an iconic statement piece in the fashion world today and was especially favored by old Hollywood stars in the 1960s such as Grace Kelly, Peter Sellers and Audrey Hepburn. The famous vintage "GG" logo was even sported by America's most famous first lady, Miss Jackie O herself. From celebrities to everyday people, Gucci's elegant and trendy vintage sunglasses and frames appeal to people with various fashion styles of all different ages. Vintage Gucci sunglasses and eyewear are infamous for being favorites among both men and women due to their knack for being suitable and appealing to each sex today. The famous vintage Italian designs leave every pair of Vintage Gucci frames luxurious, stylish and unique to their piece. They give a certain trendy flare, making them glamorous in every way.

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Jean Paul Gaultier

Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier eyewear is one of the most famous high-end designer brands in the world. The legendary fashion designer influenced the cool classic styles for designers everywhere. As an extremely popular French brand infamous for their Haute Couture and Ready-to-wear fashion designs, vintage Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses and eyewear from the early 80s and 90s are mostly known for their original shaped frames. We have an awesome selection of authentic vintage Jean Paul Gaultier eyewear here at the Vintage Frames Company.

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Laura Biagiotti

Vintage Laura Biagiotti eyewear is best known for not only being extremely high quality, but mostly for its classic feminine style that appeals to women everywhere. After splitting from her family's ready-to-wear company, and eventually teaming up with Roberto Cappuci and other Italian designers, the Roman based designer went solo with her collection in the 1960s where she founded her own label. Vintage Laura Biagiotti eyewear is extremely high quality and as a big leader in Italian fashion, vintage Laura Biagiotti eyewear has also been famously sold internationally, especially in Thailand to China and Moscow.

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Vintage Moschino eyewear is a standout accessory for the bold. The wonderfully eccentric Moschino is the perfect statement eyewear. Established in the early 80's, Moschino was the trendsetter for the bold and colourful theme that fast became the recognized trademark of fashion in the 80's. It's our pleasure to invite you to shop our exclusive vintage Moschino frames collection.

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Neostyle eyewear is one of the biggest heritage brands in the world, made up of classic frames from the 70's, 80's and early 90's. The "Neostyle Nautic 2" frame was most famously worn by the "King of Rock n Roll" himself, Elvis Presley. During his historic performance in 1972 at Madison Square Garden, Mr. Presley rocked the frames, contributing to the quick rise of the brand, as well as the high demand, making vintage classic Neostyle eyewear extremely popular still today. Vintage Neostyle eyewear has a knack for being funky and giving individuals a creative stylish flare.

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Paloma Picasso

Known for her signature X, Paloma Picasso is famed daughter of Pablo Picasso the artist. With the same artists integrity as her father, Paloma Picasso has become quickly known for her out going bold styles. Vintage Paloma Picasso Sunglasses are made from the highest quality Optyl materials, insuring that they preserved themselves through time. Shop a large selection of Vintage Paloma Picasso Sunglasses, as well as Vintage Paloma Picasso Jewelry by clicking the link below.

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Paolo Gucci

Paolo Gucci is heir to the eldest son of Guccio Gucci, Aldo Gucci. He died in 1995 at the age of 64, but his name lives on through his amazing glasses he made during his time as the chief designer of Gucci.

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Notorious for having extraordinary quality lenses, Persol have been a major competitor in the vintage eyewear game. In 1917, Italian photographer Giuseppe Ratti launched Persol with the sole purpose of making technically advanced sunglasses that would respond to the demands of pilots and race drivers. The quality of Persol was such that Italian and Swiss military departments adopted the brand in order to offer their pilots high quality and comfortable sunglasses. The mineral lenses, flexible temples, horn rimmed spectacles and the signature silver arrow are just a few of the various characteristics that made Persol high quality yet attractive and distinguished eyepiece. Vintage Persol eyewear has adorned the faces of many Hollywood titans such as Denzel Washington, Jack Nicholson, Julia Roberts and Don Johnson just to name a few.

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Vintage Playboy Sunglasses & Eyewear are definitely one of the most underrated set of eyewear to come out of the 70's and 80's. The iconic bunny logo on each pair represents class and luxury. With designs and styles way ahead of their time, Playboy was able to make their mark as a true player in the sunglass and eyewear game. Vintage Playboy Sunglasses truly embodied that bachelor lifestyle and all the glamour it came with it. Vintage Playboy Sunglasses & Eyewear have been worn by major superstars like Rick Ross and Ryan Leslie.

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Ralph Lauren

Vintage Polo by Ralph Lauren eyewear is a luxurious American company by designer Ralph Lauren himself. The style of frames is high-end casual wear, making vintage Polo by Ralph Lauren eyewear extremely versatile and great for transforming an outfit from day to night. Straight out of Midtown Manhattan, as one of the biggest retailers in the United States alone, classic vintage Polo by Ralph Lauren eyewear rose to fame in 1967 as one of the classiest pieces of eyewear around. The classic styles and simplicity of the frames make it the perfect staple piece that can throw an outfit together.

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Unarguably the most famous designer sunglasses brand, Ray Band offers their clientele a very wide variety of designs that are crafted with the highest quality of materials. One of the many reasons why Ray Ban rose to fame is due to the fact that they invented both the Wayfarer and pilot designs. Different types of iconic figures from all walks of life have chosen to accessorize with vintage Ray Ban eyewear. It's no accident that icons from all walks of life like Malcolm X, Denzel Washington, John F. Kennedy, John Lennon and Michael Jackson have all been seen wearing vintage Ray Ban sunglasses. Their universally appealing collection tickles the fancy of all types of vintage eyewear enthusiasts.

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In 1972, Revue Eyewear was established in Connecticut, New York. Revue may be somewhat of an unknown brand to many vintage frames collectors however it has produced some of the most classic frames to date. They have many different models in an array of color ways and materials. The frames are created with a distinct focus on fashion, style and taste, a tailored look for business, casual elegance for after-hours and bold designs that create sense of drama. Vintage Revue Sunglasses & Eyewear also feel as well as they look.

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One of the largest sports brands to ever make a transition in the eyewear world, Spalding had a huge impact in  Vintage Hip-Hop Fashion culture. Seen in many historic music videos, Vintage Spalding Sunglasses were the choice of hip-hop pioneering artists and Dj's. The Vintage Frames Company has travelled the world to put together the most extensive Vintage Spalding Sunglasses selection on the internet! Click the shop button below to see all Vintage Spalding Sunglasses in stock.

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Vintage Sunjet Sunglasses are the sister brand to Carrera. Produced in the same Optyl factories as Carrera, Porsche, and Boeing the same quality can be found in the Vintage Sunjet Sunglasses brand. Sunjet was the perfect answer to satisfy the needs for a sportier version of the classic Vintage Carrera Sunglasses. Click the shop button to browse the complete Vintage Frames Company selection of Sunjet Vintage Frames.

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Vintage Tiffany Sunglasses shared designers with some of the most prestigious design houses every to exist. To set themselves apart from their timeless designs, Vintage Tiffany Sunglasses are all 23kt gold plated. Many artists and celebrities alike have gravitated to this rare Vintage Eyewear brand. The Vintage Frames Company has the most complete collection of Vintage Tiffany Sunglasses in the world. Click the shop link below to check them out!

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Vintage Ultra Sunglasses and Eyewear are known for their unique models and attention to detail. They were one of the first to experiment with the oversized frame and with that, have made many timeless pieces. Vintage Ultra Sunglasses & Eyewear truly represent that old school Hollywood era. There is no doubt that you will feel like a movie star in a pair of Vintage Ultra Sunglasses or Eyewear.

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Versace may be known for it's bold logo driven designs, but it has many other important attributes. Founder Gianni Versace was the first fashion designer able to breakdown the conformity of gender barriers and segmentation. Versace was the first clothing label to achieve a truly unisex fashion presence. With early brand adoption for past conflicting communities, Versace has carved it's name into many important segments.

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Vintage Frames by Corey Shapiro

After 10 years collecting and selling Vintage Eyewear, Corey Shapiro is proud to announce his first Vintage Sunglasses line produced under his home Vintage Frames Company label. Merging vintage acetates, old school techniques, with new school adaptations, Vintage Frames By Corey Shapiro has been received as an instant classic in the eyewear industry. With the bulk of the sunglasses having an oversized nature, you can be sure Vintage Frames designs are wearable editorial sunglasses. Shop the complete collection of Vintage Frames by Corey Shapiro by clicking the shop link below

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Gold medalist in the downhill event at the Squaw Valley 1960 Winter Olympic games, Jean Vuarnet became not only a legend in the ski world but also in the eyewear game when he teamed up with Roger Pouilloux to launch his Vuarnet sunglasses line. Well noted for creating sunglasses for the leisure-oriented sports and adventurous activities aficionados, vintage Vuarnet sunglasses remain a genuine icon in the sunglass game. The combination of their quality materials such as mineral glass (a material that is unaffected by deterioration and that makes the sunglasses immune to scratches) and their sporty yet seductive and elegant design made Vuarnet one of the most highly demanded sunglasses.

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Yves Saint Laurent

Known as one of the most influential fashion designers of all time, French based Haute Couture and ready-to-wear style icon Yves Saint Laurent had, and still has a reputation for his luxury fashions. Vintage YSL eyewear is fierce and combined with various stylish frames, suitable for fashion forward individuals with all different types of styles. Vintage YSL sunglasses and eyewear are famous worldwide for being one-of-a-kind frames, designed with unlimited colors and styles making them perfect for men and women of all ages.

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