Is Fabolous hip-hop's Mick Jagger?

Is Fabolous hip-hop's Mick Jagger?

Fabolous is seen performing at Juicy Fest 2024 in Auckland, New Zealand rocking the VF Jagger frame in black from Vintage Frames Company. The bold acetate shape made it an instant staple in his collection.

Mick Jagger
of The Rolling Stones was known for his bold eyewear choices. He never shied away from any sunglasses shape; he was always more concerned with the attitude he was feeling. In the 1970s and 1980s, unisex eyewear wasn't prevalent in the market. Clearly separated sections were evident in sunglasses and optical stores alike. It was very rare to find men shopping in what was labeled the women's section. 

Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones wearing vintage sunglasses


When The Rolling Stones exploded onto the scene, Jagger became known for his fashion choices, which were not exclusively gender-driven. He often adopted eclectic fashion choices that somehow came together and just worked.

Fabolous is known for his impeccable style. Much like Mick Jagger, he's never been shy about going against the grain of what fashion considers "safe." He's created his own lane where he's the one to follow and takes his own lead!


Rapper Fabolous wearing orange jacket and black sunglasses from vintage frames company

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