Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Pep Almighty

Vintage Frames Company Community Project: Pep Almighty

Name: Pep Almighty
Age: Thirtysomething
Job: Primarily I'm in music producer management.

Who Are You:
Lover of music, student of art and culture

What is your most prized pair of Vintage Frames and why:

Easily my 22KT white gold Gucci aviator

What is your earliest memory of a pair of frames that stuck in your head until today:
Earliest memory would have to be DMC's Ultra Goliath frames. For my generation and what Run DMC meant to popularizing Hip Hop culture, it doesn't get any more iconic than that.

If you could stumble upon 1 pair of Vintage Frames, what would it be:
If absolutely had to narrow it down to one it would probably be the yellow gold version to my 22KT Gucci. The all black Boeing 5701 isn't far behind though.

About how many Vintage Frames do you have in your collection:
Nothing crazy, around 15. Its about personal taste and rarity, more than quantity with me.

Why do you choose Vintage Frames instead of new eyewear:
First of all its about wearing a unique piece. Why buy a pair of frames that get overexposed once a stylist gives them to a celebrity client to wear? Vintage frames have so much more character. Most importantly to me is the craftsmanship. The attention to detail and quality of materials that were used on vintage frames is so superior to what they use now, its not even close.