From The Desk of Dr. Shapiro: "The Empty Wallet"

I think we all know by now that I sell and collect #luxury #fashion goods. My collections stem into different accesories from designers I have chosen to archive. Since I have been a little boy there has been one thing I have been against and that is luxury wallets. No this isn't a fashion post, trust me I have a point! The whole notion of a wallet is to help you collect and organize money. The almost "game" of it all is to accumulate so much currency that your wallet is exploding. If the game is to collect money in this portfolio, does it really seem logical to deplete your gathered funds on storing it? There are some backwards ass dudes I know that went spending there last dollars on a wallet. When they finally had the wallet in hand, they had nothing to put in it. Planning for the future is so important. Even the most profitable of businesses could hit an unfortunate turn of events. Living in the now is very important for many aspects of life, but planning for the future can be just as much fun. It's #tuesday and if all you got in your pocket is an empty #gucci wallet, well don't you feel fucking stupid. Life is about planning. What separates the weak from the strong is the ability to see the future. Im talking about some mind reader shit. I am however talking about the ability to realize that there is a TODAY, but there will also be a TOMORROW. Foresight combined with planning and instinct is what allows you to succeed and be more then just a one hit wonder. #morninginspiration #vintageframes