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J $tash X Vintage Frames Caviar 4011 50

World-renown vintage eyewear historian Corey Shapiro teams up with artists from today’s youth culture to give their twist on Caviar Vintage Frames. Each release of the four part remix collection, invites innovators to personally customize their own respective Caviar Vintage Frames. The premier installment by JSTA$H, an 18kt gold frame with deadstock blue lenses from the early 1990’s. Representing the first model, JSTA$H and Post Malone teamed up on visuals with classic photographers Armen Djerrahian And Neil Motta to bring their vision to life.

Having collected over 250,000 unique eyewear pieces over the years, Shapiro has had the luxury of working with more individually unique frames than anyone on the planet. As the eyewear industry has revolutionized, many of the old world quality techniques have been replaced. The Vintage Frames for Caviar Eyewear Collection pays homage to Vintage Frames revised by today’s rising influencers.

Each frame in the new collection is limited to 50 pieces. The Vintage Frames Caviar Remix Collection lends itself to an iconic time, full of cultural references and a rich history, giving the wearer a true vintage statement piece. JSTA$H x Vintage Frames for Caviar Eyewear is available now exclusively in store and online 


These Vintage Sunglasses are brand new DEADSTOCK. You will be receiving the exact ones you see in the picture, please make sure you check out the whole frame. Should you have any questions, please contact us for details. We have staff available 24hrs a day to help make your shopping experience as easy as possible!

For custom lens colors, please call 1-800-930-6745 or e-mail: with your order # and preferred lens color.

Vintage Frames Company is dedicated to providing you with the most unique Vintage Sunglasses options in the world. As a part of our constant effort to help our clients strive for individuality, we have implemented our custom lenses program for our online shop! Choose from many rare and specialized custom lenses to add a personalized touch to your already rare Vintage Eyewear. All lenses are customized specially for Vintage Frames Company.

Lens Solid
Color Gold/Tortoise
Style Round

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Demo box
Black Lens
Black Polarized
Black Polarized Lens
Blue Mirror Gradient
Blue Mirror Gradient
Blue Mirror
Blue Mirror Lens
Blue Tint
Blue Tint Lens
Blue/Green Gradient
Blue/Green Gradient Lens
Blue/Mint Gradient
Blue/Mint Gradient Lens
Blue/Purple Gradient
Blue/Purple Gradient Lens
Blue/Yellow Gradient
Blue/Yellow Gradient Lens
Blue/Yellow Mirror
Blue/Yellow Mirror Lens
Bright Blue
Bright Blue Lens
Bright Orange
Bright Orange Lens
Bright Yellow
Bright Yellow Lens
Brown Gradient
Brown Gradient Lens
Brown Polarized
Brown Polarized Lens
Brown/Yellow Gradient
Brown/Yellow Gradient Lens
Camo Green
Camo Green Lens
Dark Blue
Dark Blue Lens
Dark Brown
Dark Brown Lens
Dark Mint
Dark Mint Lens
Deep Yellow
Deep Yellow Lens
Flash Gold Gradient
Flash Gold Gradient Lens
Flash Gold Mirror
Flash Gold Mirror Lens
Flash Silver Mirror
Flash Silver Mirror Lens
Fuschia Lens
Green Polarized
Green Polarized Lens
Green Tint
Green Tint Lens
Grey Gradient
Grey Gradient Lens
Grey Lens
Grey Tint
Grey Tint Lens
Hot Pink Gradient
Hot Pink Gradient Lens
Lavender Lens
Light Blue Tint
Light Blue Tint Lens
Light Orange Tint
Light Orange Tint Lens
Navy Gradient
Navy Gradient Lens
Orange Gradient
Orange Gradient Lens
Orange Tint
Orange Tint Lens
Orange/Red Mirror
Orange/Red Mirror Lens
Pink Flash Gradient
Pink Flash Gradient Lens
Pink Gradient
Pink Gradient Lens
Pink Mirror Gradient
Pink Mirror Gradient Lens
Pink/Purple Mirror
Pink/Purple Mirror Lens
Purple/Blue Mirror
Purple/Blue Mirror Lens
Purple/Red Gradient
Purple/Red Gradient Lens
Red Gradient
Red Gradient Lens
Red/Clear/Blue Gradient
Red/Clear/Blue Gradient Lens
Red/Yellow Gradient
Red/Yellow Gradient Lens
Silver Mirror Gradient
Silver Mirror Gradient Lens
Silver Mirror
Silver Mirror Lens
Silver Mirror Stripe
Silver Mirror Stripe Lens
Silver/Blue Mirror
Silver/Blue Mirror Lens
Silver/Purple Mirror
Silver/Purple Mirror Lens
Teal Gradient
Teal Gradient Lens
Yellow Gradient
Yellow Gradient Lens